Our names are Helen and Victor.

We are very devoted Burmese Breeders located North of Melbourne (near Greensborough) Victoria,  and proudly operate a small cattery,  allowing us to give a lot more love and attention to our family of Burmese Cats and Burmese Kittens.

We cannot express enough how much we “Love” and “Care” for the Burmese Breed.

Our beautiful breeding cats have been selected from healthy,  good quality stock,  with excellent dispositions.

Our Burmese Kittens have wonderful “loving temperaments”  which give us hours of playful entertainment.

All kittens are born and raised indoors in our “Kitten Nursery”  and then they progress to what we have named “The Hotel La Kitten” with access to a very big fully enclosed outdoor playground providing plenty of fun,  fresh air and sunshine.

Our motto is “you only get back what you put in” this is why we give our cats and kittens the best start to life through feeding high quality premium foods with extra added vitamins for optimum health.

***Kittens For Sale,  are sold from the age of 12 weeks old, and are Desexed,  Microchipped,  Wormed,  Vaccinated,  Vet Checked and Toilet Trained.

Also to help you to settle in your new kitten you will also receive a free (Kitten Care Package)  which includes Food,  Litter Tray,  Litter,  Play Toy,  and a Helpful Kitten Care Information Folder.

Burmese Cats and Burmese Kittens are very people orientated and love nothing more than to be with you.

Registered with the (GCCFV)

Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Victoria.

Thank You =^..^=