SHAMARA MILAY or ”Lazy Lays” as we call her was the one who started it all for us, she was our very first foundation queen.  She loved sitting with our new pup, she was a very special girl with an exceptional temperament.

Sadly we had to put our beautiful darling girl to sleep on 01/12/2011, after being diagnosed with chronic renal failure, taken much too soon at the age of 11, we miss her so much, beyond words.

She is now sleeping peacefully in our garden.

BUNDILEER BAYLEE --- chocolate

BUNDILEER BAYLEE is one of Milay’s babies and is a real lovely girl, she has now been desexed,  and is living life with a new forever family that just adore her.


BUNDILEER GEMMA is a real treasure,  she never leaves our side,  she loves to be picked up and held like a baby. 

She has a very short glossy coat with rich even color and good head shape.


WATTLEBROOK JAMIE LEE or “Possums” as we call her is a beautiful soft apricot color.  Something you need to see to fully appreciate.  Her temperament is very loving and gentle,  something she has passed down to her babies. 

She has outstanding eye color and head shape,  she truly is a special girl.


BUNDILEER LILLEE is such a smooch you just cant get away without getting a cuddle from her whether you want it or not,  she just loves affection,  she also has great eye color and is an overall excellent type.

BUNDILEER WILMA --- blue tortie

BUNDILEER WILMA is another gorgeous girl we are proud to have bred,  she is show quality with brilliant eye color too, she also is very affectionate as are most burmese.

CRESWELL CRYSTAL --- lilac tortie

With many thanks to Janine and Dr.Harry Cooper,  that we now own Crystal,  she is absolutely beautiful, we are so happy to bring this girl into our home, she is just lovely.